Innovation Living

Innovation Living


Innovation Living™ is a Danish furniture company built on the proud Danish tradition of furniture design.

Innovation Living™ was founded in 1971 in Denmark by Flemming Højfeldt, who is still the owner and Chairman of the company. They believe that form and function must go hand in hand to create innovative, durable designs for everyday use.

As the concept grew, Innovation Living™ was rewarded with several design prizes. The Danish designer Per Weiss has been a part of Innovation Living™ since 1989 and is the Chief Design Officer of Innovation Living Design Office International. Inspired by a Scandinavian design tradition as well as fashion and lifestyle trends, Per creates long-lasting design with a contemporary appeal.

Today Innovation™ is an international furniture enterprise with production facilities in Denmark and China. We are proud to be able to call Innovation Living™ a renowned Danish Sofa Bed Specialist. 


Innovation Living™ offers furniture that makes a difference in everyday life. Good design that combines style, comfort and functionality. Innovation Living is not just a name, it’s what they do! Good aesthetic design must go hand in hand with great functionality and good comfort. That is why their focus has always been on creating long-lasting design with a contemporary appeal.

Innovation™ offers a 5 years warranty on all designs. Their sofa beds are made to last, designed and manufactured with longevity in mind. To ensure the quality of their products, they do not compromise on materials nor processes and conduct systematic testing of raw materials as well as the finished products before they leave the factories.


The low volume packages reduce the risk of damages, lower costs, and reduce CO2 emissions during transportation and storage. Flat packed furniture is great for access, and in-home assembly means increased value as it eases handling from the store through narrow staircases and hallways to the living room. They continuously strive to reduce the impact our products have on nature.

Beside flat packing, they use a minimum of plastic in our packaging and have changed to more sustainable packaging alternatives. They are not CO2 neutral, but they keep working hard to minimise their CO2 footprint.

They also give back to nature. To contribute to the balance of the global ecosystem Innovation Living™ plants more than 10,000 trees every year to help compensate for their consumption of wood. The trees they plant are monitored by a certified forester.


Fabric made from recycled plastic waste. Vivus and Argus are the names of their OEKO-TEX certified fabric made of 100% post-consumer recycled polyester. The recycled polyester yarn is made from recycled plastic waste.

The plastic waste is shredded into flakes by a machine, then melted down into pellets and extruded into yarn. The production of recycled fabric doesn't use as much energy or resources as creating fibres and fabrics from scratch.